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We are independent Canadian Life Insurance Brokers and experts on Term Life Insurance. Here you can shop online for term life insurance - however our quotes are different.  We compare premiums AND benefits for 10 of Canada's top life insurance companies.

Using our decades-long expertise and an in-depth knowledge of various life insurance company policies, we can often provide our clients even further discounts than those shown in the quotes - leading to savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars over the term of your life insurance policy.

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How Much Life Insurance?

We want to maintain our family's lifestyle in the event of our premature death.  Since our lifestyle is defined by our income, our income is lost in the event of our death, and insurance is designed to replace loss....then it's our income that defines how much life insurance we need.

Best Type of Life Insurance?

Life insurance has two primary attributes – the premium and the death benefit. If we fix the death benefit, then the difference between different types of life insurance is simply the premiums, over time - and we want the cheapest life insurance we can get, over the years that we need the coverage for.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Not all term life insurance is the same, that's why we compare more than just premiums.  Our online term life insurance quotes compare premiums and renewable, convertible, the exchange option, and accelerated death benefits.  This ensures you get the best value at the best price.

About Us

We are experts on Canadian Term Life Insurance. We’ve been working online since 2006, showing Canadians the important differences in term life insurance policies. During that time we’ve been used repeatedly as a resource for the Canadian media seeking clear and easy to understand expertise on life insurance.


"I appreciate The Term Guy's hard work researching not only the best quotes but explaining the benefits of each company, how they best suit my personal needs and the needs of my family. Their ongoing advice has helped me choose the policy that I need and am comfortable paying."

Jason H.

Nova Scotia

"They walked me through the whole process, helped me pick out the policies that would best suit our family and spent hours going over each point of the proposals. Even now, two years later, they still give me the same level of attention that The Term Guy did when we first met. There is no one else that I would recommend."

Christina H.

Ottawa, ON

"I saw The Term Guy's site and took a chance. I am a pilot and life insurance can be tricky and quite expensive. They worked hard and diligently in getting me the best quote over just a few weeks, saving me over 75% a month on what I was quoted from another company."

Randi M.

Calgary, AB

"I appreciate you taking care of everything and making it easy for me to understand the process and for your patience with all my questions. I realize how relieved I feel knowing that if anything ever happened to me, my family would be ok financially."

Donna D.

Cambridge, ON

Why Our Life Insurance Quotes Are Different

Is premium alone enough to compare life insurance policies? Not at all. That’s why we compare 10 Canadian life insurance companies premiums as well as important policy benefits to make sure you get the best policy at the best price. We also provide commentary on underwriting and customer service from each company.


Maintain coverage past the end of the term, so your coverage doesn't simply end at the end of the term. This feature is vital as it gives you time to consider your life insurance options 10,20 or 30 years in the future. Policies that are not renewable simply end abruptly (and often unexpectedly) at the end of the term.


Exchange part or all of your term for permanent life insurance, without a medical exam. This feature is vital as it allows you to lock in lifetime life insurance if you become uninsurable during your initial term policy.

Exchange Option

If your term life insurance policy has this free benefit, it can save you substantial premiums if you’re a smoker, are rated, or even if you’ve recently had a birthday.

Accelerated Death Benefits

Policies that offer this free benefit allow you to access some of your death benefits while still alive.

Not all policies have all of these free benefits, and the policies that do have them are not necessarily more expensive than those without the benefits. Get a life insurance quote here and compare premiums and policy differences.