The Term Guy would like to dedicate this website to J. Arthur Grimes, Brian Beaufort (Buck) Scott, and all the other rebel Transamerica life insurance brokers from the 1970s. They were the first life insurance brokers in Canada and brought term life insurance to Canadians against heavy industry resistance. We had the pleasure of working with many of these brokers in the 1980s, and they passed along their passion and dedication to ensuring their clients had the best life insurance coverage available. Without them, Canadians would not have access to the robust marketplace we have today, and The Term Guy would not exist.

“Buck was proud of pioneering term life insurance in Ontario and later helping usher in the brokerage system that allowed him to serve his customers best”.  -Brian Beaufort (Buck) Scott’s Obituary

If you’re curious how these brokers pioneered term life insurance in Canada, visit our videos page and watch our video on the History of Term Life Insurance In Canada.

The History of Term Life Insurance in Canada