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The Insurance Definition Of Smoking Explained



In this video, we’re going to look at the definition of smoking within the context of a life insurance policy. Importantly, the definition that gets used is the definition used by the insurance company, not consumers. So it’s possible that a consumer might say “well I’m not a smoker” and the insurance company says “in our context you are” and you’re going to qualify at smoking premiums.

Let’s look at cigarettes first. One cigarette a year will qualify you at smoking premiums. Any cigarettes at all and you’ll be looking at smoking premiums.

In terms of marijuana, if you use a low amount of marijuana occasionally or recreationally then many life insurance companies in Canada today will actually qualify you at nonsmoker premiums. But if you cross their limits then they’ll again consider you a smoker.

The last three are kind of in a group. It’s pipe, cigars, and cigarillos. Most companies will consider you a smoker if you smoke even one of those at all. There are occasional exceptions that are very company dependent. If you’re a cigar smoker and very occasionally, so if you smoke one or two cigars a year on the golf course, then some companies will qualify you at nonsmoker premiums but any use above that will qualify you at smoker premiums.